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    This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the StartOver Game. It is a doorway to experiments to try that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up uncomfortable feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments below earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code NANONATI.00 to log your Point for reading this website.

  • You Are A Cultural Creative

    Here is how you... plus more than 200 million cultural creatives around the world...

    are changing the status quo

    by being bridges that people can cross over into regenerative next cultures.

    Your work provides an incredible service.

    You can start by raising your hand and saying, "I am a bridge to next culture."

    Paul Ray, author of the book Cultural Creatives, explains.

    Watching the full film posted above: The (R)evolution - earns you 1 Matrix Point in the StartOver game.

    Please use Matrix Code YT122 to log your point.











  • Circular Meeting Technologies

    circles are replacing hierarchies to efficiently unleash collaborative group intelligence

    A designed-in characteristic of representative governments is that your representative does not speak for you; they speak for themselves.


    Since money is valued in that system, your representative’s voice has already been bought by corporate interests, all the way up to the Supreme Court and Presidency of the USA.


    The only person who can speak for you is you. When you try speaking out in the current system you get pepper-spray in the face and added to the list of state-enemy terrorists.


    In a circle, everyone who can contribute gets to speak with their own authentic initiated adult voice.


    Three forms of circular meetings and decision-making processes are:

    1. Open Space Technology
    2. Sociocracy 3.0
    3. Torus Technology
    4. The Purple Card...

    Your move...


  • 100 Million Nanonations

    Cultural creatives are joining together in teams and communities...

    The result is that

    a global meshwork of diverse collaborative interdepending human cultures

    is emerging on Earth

    in the form of nanonations.


    (HINWEIS FÜR DEUTSCH SPRECHENDE MENSCHEN: Viele der folgenden Informationen sind in diesem deutschen Artikel enthalten,

    der von Eva Zitta aus dem Amerikaner übersetzt wurde.)


    Nano means one billionth. The term 'nanonation' comes from realizing that seven people, the size of a functional team, is one billionth of Earth's current human population.


    A nation can be defined as the cultural-context-space being held by a group of three or more people mutually committed to each other while serving a common purpose. Jesus was reported to have explained that wherever two or more people are gathered their common purpose would come to life. We have learned some additional things since then. It actually takes three or more people to start a nanonation.


    Why three or more? Because human beings function within an identity-framework they have used since childhood to assure their survival. The identity-framework (called the Box in Possibility Management) is a filter interpreting the world so you can figure out how to survive. The filter asserts its own rightness, even if it is right about you being wrong, or not good enough, a failure, stupid or bad. When two identity frameworks – each one functioning under the survival imperative that they be right – come into conflict, who provides the clarity that the two individuals are simply misidentified as their Boxes? This is the job of the third person.


    A superstition is an easy-to-understand concept that has no basis in reality. Believing a superstition blocks the perception of more useful possibilities. But superstitions are not called superstitions until they are recognized as superstitions. Before then they are regarded as the truth.


    A superstition that participants in modern culture have not yet identified as a superstition is 'the nation-state.' This superstition became popular as the belief grew “If you get the resources we die, so we will do whatever it takes to get the resources. We will prove that we have the legal right to take the resources by calling ourselves a nation-state, with a flag, a constitution, and a set of laws."


    This superstition includes the concept that a nation-state is connected to a piece of land on Earth. Since all the land on Earth has already been claimed by the current 206 nation-states accepted by the United Nations, it is logical to assume that no new nation-states can emerge on Earth.


    But the connection between a nation-state and a plot of land is not a law of nature. It is a concept invented in the imaginations of human beings, pure fiction, a story marketed to you by – you guessed it! – the current set of nation-states.


    The concept that land on Earth can be owned by either a person or an organization is pure fiction, another superstition, easy to understand, but asserted without basis in reality.

    In addition, the laws that declare the legality of individuals or corporations buying and selling land or mineral rights, and the laws declaring that nation-states rule over anyone or anything inhabiting the land they have claimed, are also completely fabricated.


    If we were to define a 'false paradigm' as a construct that leads to degraded ecosystems and mass extinction of life on Earth, then the modern rule of law adopted by western civilization is a false paradigm. The modern rule of law is suicidal and ecocidal. Anyone following the rule of law of western civilization is criminally insane. Anyone enforcing the rule of law of western civilization has already forfeited their life.


    If the laws of a nation-state are assumed to apply to any person standing on soil claimed to be possessed by that nation-state, then when I set foot on the soil of a different nation-state I would automatically be issued a passport from that nation-state. But this does not occur. I lived beyond the borders of the United States of America for nineteen years yet the laws of the USA still applied to me until 2015 when I exchanged my US passport for that of a different nation-state, Germany.


    Anyone who carries a US passport is required by the laws of the USA gameworld to pay taxes to the United States Internal Revenue Service even if they live on foreign soil. This means there is already a precedent for a nation-state existing no matter on which piece of land the bearer of a passport of that nation-state stands. Therefore nation-states are not defined as being associated with pieces of land on Earth.


    From the Wikipedia nation-state page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nation_state: It has been speculated by both proponents of globalization and various speculative fiction writers that the concept of a nation-state may disappear with the ever-increasingly interconnected nature of the world, with governance handled on the local level, based on a global ethic of human [and nature] rights.

    Hierarchical Power Structures

    At present, every United Nations member nation-state uses hierarchical power structures. Using a hierarchical power structure is a fatal design flaw because a hierarchical power structure automatically selects for psychopaths.


    How? In hierarchies, power positions are obtained by those who do whatever it takes to move up the ladder. The persons best suited to do whatever it takes to get power are the 2% of the human population born with no conscience, in other words, with no connection between their mind and their heart, the sociopaths and psychopaths.


    This is why petitioning any current global (or local) hierarchy to create a bright future for humanity on Earth produces no positive results. Creating a bright future for humanity is not even on a psychopath's agenda.


    In the past fifty years global hierarchies in every sector have been hijacked by psychopaths – religious, financial, political, educational. The psychopathic agenda is to do whatever it takes to stay in control and garner even more power and money to protect their terrified little selves.


    Current global systems will not be corrected by reasonable goodwill wisely choosing from outstanding proposals. For example, notice how ineffectively the global systems are responding to the challenges of climate change. The COP meetings have failed. Corrections that would direct climate change back towards liveable conditions on Earth already exist and have been known for decades. Why have they not been enforced?


    A designed-in characteristic of representative governments is that your representative does not speak for you; they speak for themselves. Since money is valued in that system, your representative’s voice has already been bought by corporate interests, all the way up to the Supreme Court, the Presidency of the USA, and the United Nations. The only person who can speak for you is you. When you try speaking out in the current system you get pepper-spray in the face and added to the list of state-enemy terrorists.


    This is why it is predictable and necessary for Extinction Rebellion to prevail.








  • How To Build Your Own Nanonation

    Your nanonation is a gameworld, built out of pure genius and spit,

    like all the other gameworlds that exist in the world, such as banks, religions, grocery stores, schools, governments, militaries, post offices, jobs, restaurants, automobile driving, soccer, chess,

    and so on.

    Clarity about what a gameworld is and how your gameworld works is key.

    However, never forget that courage and commitment are what you need to turn the key of clarity

    to open the door to a new future.


    Get Clarity About Your Context

    Your context is your nanonation's relationship to consciousness and responsibility. For example, the context of modern culture promotes externalizing costs to the environment, future generations, and society at large, in other words, to do everything you can to avoid responsibility. In contrast with this, the nomadic nanonation of Possibilica has a context of radical responsibility.

    Edgeworkers often make a big mistake by ignoring the context question. They think, "Hey, I want to start a community! Anybody else want to start a community with me?" Then they end up with a group of twenty or so enthusiastic partners. There are the activists, the anarchists, the home-schoolers, the unschoolers, the Sociocracy 3.0 experts, the Holocracy experts, the Buddhists, the fundamental Christians, the Earthship fanatics, the straw bale fanatics, the vegetarians, the vegans, the tantric yoga practitioners, and the people from Mensa, each with their own context. When the team meets, each faction of course wants to bring in their own context with their own needs and project visions because they believe their context the best and love it the most. The result of these meetings is context war. In this case it is very difficult to make decisions that make people happy, and people often complain of sensing a lack of community.


    Find Your Core Team

    Instead of looking for a lot of people with the same purpose, e.g., to create a community, look for two or three people with the same context. Then when your small core team meets, work to clarify and deepen that context together. Clarify the distinctions. Experiment with the practices. Deepening your nanonation context creates a gravity-well or an attraction-field that other people can detect who are longing to co-create within the same context as you. They will gradually find you. Then when you meet, the context itself generates projects within the shared context. The result is that at the end of each meeting everyone knows what to do, decisions are almost effortless, and people share a deep of camaraderie and alignment. Many large successful nanonations were started with a core team of three people, such as Zegg, Findhorn, and Tamera. Committing to other Team members is a difficult decision to make. There are 5 factors that you can look for to help you assess if you should commit to someone or not. Take a look a the 5 Factors for Commitment section below for some useful hints.


    Upgrade Your Thoughtware

    Upgrading your thoughtware is central to becoming you. You carry a burden of ancient, cross-purposed, and outdated thoughtware from being born in a capitalist patriarchal empire the late 20th and early 21st Century. Upgrading your thoughtware involves authentic adulthood initiatory processes during which time you will complete the process of getting out so that you can start over. We recommend an Expand The Box training and 10 Possibility Labs. It's a three or four year commitment to your future.


    Decide On Your Power Structure And Decision-Making Technology

    We recommend a circular or toroidal power structure and a decision making process that amplifies group intelligence by consulting the wisdom of resistance. You can practice these by participating in Open Space Technology, Sociocracy 3.0, or Torus Technology meetings.


    Write Your Constitution

    Remember, the point is to exit the capitalist patriarchal empire. If already existing Constitutions worked then you could use them as model... but capitalism, patriarchy, and empire are three globally suicidal paradigms. This means you get to start over. There are very few archearchal constitutions to model on, so feel into it with your team. Get in a hot tub together, hike to the top of the mountain and meditate on a large stone for awhile, sit in the desert fasting for three days and see what vision comes to you, then write it down. Writing it down on paper is an alchemically transformative action. If you don't write it down, it doesn't exist. Keep it short and simple. Then share it with the world, keeping one ear open for feedback, and your energetic sword out so you are not collapsed by other people's fear about the appropriate trouble you are causing.


    Write Your Bill Of Wrongs

    What is allowed is whatever is not on the Bill Of Wrongs. This is the opposite strategy as has been used by the capitalist patriarchal empire countries. In the old way, lawyers are hired to try to defend people and corporations doing wrong things (wrong is defined here as anything non-regenerative or non-cradle-to-cradle or threatening species to go extinct) saying that what they are doing is within their so-called 'rights'. By using a Bill Of Wrongs instead, whole classes of behaviors are explicitly forbidden with only a few words.


    Make Your Flag

    The British came to India and planted their flag and said, "We claim this territory in the name of the Queen of England." The locals said, "What!?! Are you idiots?!? People have been living here for thousands of years!" The British said, "Oh, yeah? Where's your flag?" Don't be caught without a flag. Make it colorful, simple, and symbolically powerful, but make it. Then fly it boldly.


    Write And Continue To Deepen The Context Of Your Codex

    Your Codex is the collection of your Rules of Engagement, in other words, specifically how to play in your gameworld. By the way, you don't have to worry about specifying a formal procedure for entering your gameworld. The answer to the question, "Can I be a member of your nanonation?" is simple. The answer is, "No." Can people contribute to your gameworld? Yes, of course, in many ways. As they collaborate with you the gameworld itself will decide whether it needs them or not. Let the gameworld decide, like an amoeba decides what it wants to eat by engulfing something or rejecting it. When a person is taken in by your gameworld it will be automatically clear that they belong there. Do be clear how to have someone leave. Do not place your Codex at the center of your gameworld. That is where your values or Bright Principles belong. Put your Codex over on a shelf as more like guidelines, if you know what I mean - something that can be consulted when needed. But keep them up to date and accurate.


    Clarify Your Values And Your Economy Of Exchange

    Archearchy economics is simple to understand. The ones at the bottom of the economic gravity-well have the authority to assure that resources are not hoarded at the top but instead flow through every bank account in the economic ecosystem. This is similar to the 'Subak' system used in Bali, where the rice terrace caretakers at the bottom of the mountain assure that the water is not hoarded at the top of the mountain, but instead flows through every rice field on the mountain at the right time because this insures the best outcome for the whole village.


    Announce Your Existence

    Build a website with your nanonation's name, your flag, your Constitution, and your Codex. Put in lots of photos of your costumes, healing remedies, favorite food dishes, music instruments and festivals, the technopenuriaphobia handicrafts that you can teach people, sustainable and regenerative architecture, authentic adulthood initiatory processes you deliver in trainings, the kinds of animals and solar powered vehicles and inner and outer permaculture techniques you use. Your website is a doorway for people to learn the latest news of your connections with other nanonations and all the legend making actions they can be a part of.


    Jack-In To The Global Network Of Nanonations

    Our favorite network is the Global Ecovillage Network. Here you can register yourself for free as a permanent or nomadic autonomous nanonation in the formation stage or already existing stage. There are so many friends to meet here!








  • Make The Codex Of Your Nanonation

    When they are written up, your Rules Of Engagement become your 'Codex'.

    Your Codex is not rules to which your nanonation gives its center.

    Your Codex sits quietly over on a shelf at the side of your gameworld, to refer to when needed.

    The codex is more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.”

    It is clearly necessary to be forthwith about the laws and customs of your own nanonation. But they need not be complicated. Your rules of engagement need to be written up in your nanonation's Codex. A simple foundation for regenerative culture could be documented in your Codex something like this:



    (revised 28 December 2018 by Clinton Callahan)

    The context of our culture is radical responsibility. Irresponsibility is an illusion. If you see a job to do, it is your job. When you are serving something greater than yourself and you ask for what you want you are asking for what the space wants. We work in circles with spaceholders and context holders, calling decisions through direct access to nonlinear possibility and including the wisdom of resistance. We meet using Torus Technology until everyone knows what to do next. We vigilantly apply our Bill Of Wrongs. There are no employees. There are no absentee landlords. There are no franchises or copyrights or inheritance. We use Archearchy Economics. There is no currency exchange. There is no such thing as profit. If you cannot afford to recycle every plastic bag you make, you cannot afford to make any plastic bags. Manufacturing is cradle-to-cradle. If you cannot carry it with you it is too much to own. Companies are not people because companies cannot take responsibility. There are no company owners or investors. Time is not money; time is time. Money from other nation-states has no value here. We do not need money to survive. We need each other empowered through creative collaboration, which is our currency, and which has no exchange rate with currencies from other nation-states. Land is not owned; it is cared for. Buildings are not owned, they are cared for. Animals, minerals, water and trees are not owned, they are cared for. We are kaitiaki, guardians, stewards. Earth cannot be monetized because we are the Earth. Education does not conform to a curriculum because we don’t know what children need to learn to become themselves for the future. Each child knows for themselves. There aren’t any televisions. Ongoing adulthood initiatory processes drenched in extraordinary and archetypal love are at the core of our gameworld. The rest of our culture – music, clothing, festivals, theater, foods, art, economics, architecture, technology, thoughtware, and ceremonies – falls into place around ongoing authentic transformational adulthood initiations.


    Out of these distinctions the entire culture of Possibilica emerges with all the practical details of everyday life. Sourcing a nanonation relocalizes autonomy. It is immensely rewarding.


    Even when you leave the circle or the land cared for by your nanonation, you never have to put the bubble of your nanonation’s context away so as to conform to the expectations and assumptions of other people’s conscious or unconscious cultural affectations. When you step outside the confines of your nanonation it is the equivalent of going vagabonding through Southeast Asia. There are many astonishingly weird cultures and beliefs out there. Conversations between citizens of different nation-states become interesting rather than conflicting. They could start something like this: “You may not be aware of this but you are speaking with a person who lives in a different nation-state than you. Do you expect that the laws and customs of my nation-state apply to you? Then don’t expect that the laws and customs of your nation-state apply to me. How are such things handled in your nation-state? Here is how we handle such things in my nation-state…


    It looks like 100 million interdepending nanonations are emerging all over the planet. We are shifting out of capitalist patriarchal empire into transdigenous archearchy where neither the masculine nor feminine dominate, but rather adulthood-initiated masculine and feminine archetypes collaborate adventurously and lovingly.

  • Make The Bill Of Wrongs Of Your Nanonation

    The traditional Bill Of Rights leave too many loopholes for corporations and lawyers to get through.

    Even the Supreme Court of the United States Of America and the United Nations have been bent to serve the corporate agenda.

    By implementing a simple Bill Of Wrongs a new world of clarity is created.

    Below is a sample Bill Of Wrongs from the nanonation of Possibilica.

    Possibilica recognizes that the so-called 'rule-of-law' of the so-called 'modern civilization' (capitalist patriarchal empire) is a failed construct leading directly to planetary suicide and near-term human extinction. Therefore, Possibilica recognizes that anyone continuing to abide by the rule-of-law of modern civilization is criminally insane, and anyone defending the rule-of-law of modern civilization has already forfeited their life.


    Therefore, Possibilicans abide by a Bill of Wrongs.


    The Bill Of Wrongs Of The Nanonation Of Possibilica


    The Bill of Wrongs of the Nanonation of Possibilica:

    1. Forbids modern civilization’s rule of law.
    2. Forbids ownership of land.
    3. Forbids ownership of mineral or organic resources (so-called 'natural resources').
    4. Forbids monetizing natural capital.
    5. Forbids corporate personhood.
    6. Forbids copyright. (http://creativecommons.org)
    7. Forbids patents.
    8. Forbids hiring employees or working as an employee.
    9. Forbids hierarchical power structures. (http://torustechnology.org)
    10. Forbids public schools. (http://quitschool.org)
    11. Forbids win-lose games. (http://3games.strikingly.com)
    12. Forbids externalizing environmental costs or social costs.
    13. Forbids profit. (https://www.postgrowth.org/)
    14. Forbids financial gambling in any form, e.g. health insurance. (http://artabana.de)
    15. Forbids renting money (interest).
    16. Forbids paid lobbyists.
    17. Forbids paid politicians.
    18. Forbids absentee ownership (stockholders, landlords, ownership of multiple homes).
    19. Forbids brands. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Logo)
    20. Forbids franchises.
    21. Forbids toxic wastes and byproducts.
    22. Forbids weapons of mass destruction.
    23. Forbids armed or armored vehicles (land, sea, air, or space).
    24. Forbids any weapon with an effective range over one kilometer.
    25. Forbids disposables.
    26. Forbids beliefs. (http://thoughtwareupgrade.xyz)
    27. And forbids lawyers.

    The Bill Of Wrongs Of The Nanonation Of Possibilica does not pretend to abide by natural law, because natural law can be construed to allow parasites, gangsters, vampires, zombies, ghouls, blackmail, corruption, manipulation, revenge, power over, cancers, disease viruses, survival-of-the-fittest concepts, psychopaths, and acts of God. And if you have ever seen hungry frigate birds snatch up and swallow freshly-hatched baby sea turtles scuttling frantically and defenselessly towards the ocean waves, you know that nature can be construed to allow terrorists too. The Bill Of Wrongs exists in Possibilica out of radically responsible choice.





  • 5 Factors for Commitment

    5 Factors For Deciding To Commit To Another Person

    These five factors prove sufficient for successful mutual commitment with another human being:

    1. Physically: The other person actually does what they say they will do. They keep their promises. This is one definition of'integrity'. 
    2. Emotionally: The other person can repeat back the feelings they hear you say, and can clearly communicate their own feelings and emotions with you..
    3. Intellectually: The other person can explain to you the thoughtware and distinctions they use and they do not get too offended when you use the 'vacuum' method of Rapid Learning to dig deeply into thoughtware together.
    4. Energetically: The other person can shift their behavior when they receive the feedback that what they are doing is not working. This means that the person is consciously on the path of escaping the 6 Prisons, the path of authentic adulthood initiation, and is committed to their own evolutionary process.
    5. Archetypally: You and the other person agree on which context (context is your relationship to responsibility and consciousness) you use to mutually support each other to become the space through which your Archetypal Lineage provides service to the village.


    Lacking any of these 5 factors for mutual commitment suggests that a person is uninitiated and committing to them may be naive. That does not mean to avoid committing. You can commit temporarily, for example, as an experiment, to test your intuitions. Being with other people is easier when you can trust yourself to take care of yourself around them. This happens when you yourself are initiated. When you are initiated it does not matter if the other person is not committed because you can take care of yourself around them. Nice, eh?


    A context is built out of distinctions (such as the distinction between you and your Box, the distinction between low drama and high drama, the distinction between child-level responsibility and radical responsibility, the distinction between feelings and emotions, the distinction between being centered and giving your center away, the distinction between an unconscious Gremlin and an initiated Gremlin, etc.) and determines the characteristics of your gameworld.


    When you find that all 5 factors for commitment are valid with someone, you then have a solid chance that your mutual commitment will be ecstatic.


    Starting with at least three people who experience all 5 factors for commitment forms a solid basis for declaring a new nanonation in the global ethnosphere. Harbigarrr!







  • Archearchy Is Here

    The professional (r)evolutionary class is creatively implementing strategy and tactics of global transformation with diverse but increasingly networked village-states. These are:


    • Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ) such as festivals and fairs.
    • Nomadic Autonomous Zones (NAZ) such as roving groups of healers, initiators, performers, or trainers.
    • Permanent Autonomous Zones (PAZ) such as intentional communities and ecovillages.

    Far more people than you might now imagine are actively living part or all of their lives in temporary, nomadic, or permanent Autonomous Zones. For example, the annual Burning Man TAZ in Nevada is fully booked out at 68,000 people, and the Boom Festival TAZ in Portugal sells out at 43,000 participants. Many additional next-culture festivals now flourish. (See Further Resources below.)


    The wish and capacity of mature human beings to create and experience diverse cultural spaces is increasing. Nomadic, Temporary, and Permanent Autonomous Zones already thrive and rapidly expand in diversity, number and duration all over the world. Perhaps your most effective actions for escaping the grips of the capitalist patriarchal empire include stepping with more commitment into your local autonomous zones.


    The updated advice from R. Buckminster Fuller rings true: "You never change things by fighting the existing gameworlds. To change things, build new gameworlds that makes the existing gameworlds irrelevant." People together around the world are already doing just this.


    Why 100 million? Because from practical experience the maximum number of voices that can be heard in a circle is about sixty. Add in some children to get seventy, then divide seventy into seven billion – the approximate human population of Earth and you get 100 million. (7×10 to the 9th divided by 70 = 1×10 to the 8th = 100,000,000).


    Don’t get left behind playing in a stupid gameworld.

  • Nanonation Gameworlds

    Seasteading creates free-standing nanonations in water. As with any nanonation is central to establish an agreed-upon context, thoughtware distinctions, and rules of engagement for your seastead gameworld.




    New Earth Nations

    Taking Radical Responsibility For Your Natural Sovereignty

    Here is a 6 minute video of Greg Paul from New Earth Nations speaking with some amount of clarity about you taking radical responsibility for your natural sovereignty. Greg says quite frankly: “It’s about removing the middle-men... from all things…” and continues: “Wherever the true sovereigns stand, a new earth is beginning to emerge… The only question that remains is: Are you ready to join us?”

    Nice question. What is your answer?




    Global Ecovillage Network

    If you build it, they can come.

    If you don't build it, nobody has any chance to come...

    So build it!

    Taking radical responsibility for co-creating the culture you would love to live In...


    Imagine a world living abundantly, while within its limits. A world that is regenerating rather than depleting the environment, and where cooperation and connection in the village is rewarded.


    The Global Ecovillage Network provides you now with bridges to such . The organization and its trainings spread the physical and cultural technology of ecovillages. We invite you to get involved with this work!

  • Experiments are the steps you take to unfold yourself

    into the world.

    Unfolding happens by reflex when you build matrix to support new awareness.

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.01: Promote The Flag Of The Earth (1 Matrix Point)

    In 2015 a Swedish artist, Oskar Pernefeldt, proposed the 'International Flag of the Planet Earth'. It has two main purposes:

    1. To be used while representing planet Earth.
    2. To remind the people of Earth that we share this planet, no matter of national boundaries. That we should take care of each other and the planet we live on.
    The seven rings are centered on the flag representing the seven continents and forming a flower in the middle, signifying life on Earth. The intersection of the rings represent that all things on Earth are linked directly or indirectly. The deep-blue represents the ocean and the importance of water for life on Earth. The EXPERIMENT is to cpy and share/promote the Flag Of The Earth 3 places online.

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.02: Obtain or make a flag of the Earth or a flag of your Nanonation (3 Matrix Points)

    Obtain or make a flag of the Earth or a flag for your Nanonation and raise it at your home, your nanonation, at conferences and other places where people come together. Explain to people what the flag stands for. Explain to people about your Nanonation. Or explain that we are one Earth, that we are Gaia.

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.03: Become a 'Friend of the Global Ecovillage Network'

    (3 Matrix Points)

    As a Friend of GEN, you become a sustaining contributor to the work of the Global Ecovillage Network. Together we can continue to implement sustainable solutions and help catalyze the power of community for a regenerative future.

    Becoming a Friend of GEN brings you closer to GEN’s work on the ground and connects you with communities worldwide. Friends of GEN sustain the work of the Global Ecovillage Network through creating a grassroots community of supporters for ecovillage solutions and collaboration. Learn about the levels of giving and find the one that is right for you.

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.04: Participate in a 5-day Global Ecovillage Network Conference

    (15 Matrix Points)

    The 2019 Global Ecovillage Conference will take place in the community of Bagnaia (English version) in Italy in 2019, then in France in 2020. More information will be available online at the GEN-Europe website: http://gen-europe.org.

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.05: Run a Torus Technology meeting with 12 or more people

    (3 Matrix Points)

    Torus Technology is an open-code copyleft circular meeting technology where each person reclaims their own authority, activates their voice, and decides what they want to work on and how they want to work on it. Through the organic breathing process of divergence and convergence, group intelligence is brought to life and conditions rapidly evolve. Use Torus Technology at your neighborhood summer party, your office meeting, your Possibility Team, or to handle a public issue at your town hall. A full explanation of how to use Torus Technology is online at http://torustechnology.org.

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.06: Participate In A 30-Day Ecovillage Design Education

    (90 Matrix Points)

    EXPERIMENT NANONATI.07: Originate Your Own Nanonation (3 - 60 people in one context). Build Your Nanonation Website. 

    (90 Matrix Points)

    Your Nanonation needs a clearly written Context, Codex (Rules Of Engagement), Bill Of Wrongs, Flag, and Website. Write to us and get your nanonation website posted at this website!












  • Further Resources

    Here are enough existing confirmations to legitimize the statements made on this website that archearchy is rapidly emerging globally and that the future of humanity is an interdepending meshwork of co-intelligent nanonations:

    ...and so on.


    For example, Googling 'medieval festivals' generates over 23 million hits....


    Hmmm.... I wonder why...